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Canada Famous Fact Signs


*This is a passion project*

A signage program with various "Landmark Signs" across Ontario was created to celebrate Canada day.

The requirement was that the Landmark Sign must be unique enough to attract passerbys to engage with the signage.


The challenge of creating a "Unique" Landmark Sign is that the concept of the sign has to be simple enough for passerbys to understand, 
but also not overly simplified to the point that it draws no interest.



To create a truly "Unique" Landmark Sign, 
I came up with the concept of creating a series of Landmark Signs with Famous Canadian Facts.

The famous Canadian fact on the signage would capture the attention of passerbys.
Each location would include it's own famous fact in relation to it's location.

The famous fact should be well known in pop culture. This should cause passberys to take pictures with the sign, and post it on social media to create a buzz.

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